Album Cover - The Great Why Not?
Micah Who Cares
I Have No Idea
Sweetest Song - live at The Duplex, 7/19/11
Gone For A While
Rat Race - live at The Duplex, 6/21/11
[Suzy Sellout] takes the stage, and takes no prisoners… absolutely wonderful.
Sally Morgan, Singer's Key Notes
…Great energy that’s vibrant and uplifting for the soul. Kathrine’s presence is lovely and she holds her audience well with strong lyrics.
Judith Klein, Joey In Astoria
Suzy Sellout is one of those rare
finds in contemporary music…
Simply a breath of fresh air.
Up and coming NYC artist…
gentle and playful orchestral pop.

The Deli Magazine
If you like iPod commercials or the sultry performances of ivory-tickler, Tori Amos, check this show out.
Ran Craycraft,
It's personal, and it's real, and it has a story: Her story—yes—but a story we can all look at and say, ‘A part of me feels that way too.’ Her music connects. She connects.
Libby Segal, Libs on the Reel
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